Windows 10 Tech Preview, Join The Revolution

So, what happened to Windows 9? This is one of the most repeated questions that marketing and communication representatives from Microsoft have been facing since Windows 10 was announced. And of course they had a proper answer for that question. “Windows 10 is not simply an incremental step from Windows 8.1”, as Tony Prophet, Microsoft corporate vice president, explained at a Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

But what is so revolutionary in Windows 10 in order to be not only one, but at least two steps away from Windows 8? The answer to that is simply everything, beginning with its own conception and developing process. Microsoft has already made available the Beta version of Windows 10, letting people try it way earlier in the development process than ever before.

The Windows 10 Tech Preview, as it has been named, was released in October 2014, and since then more than a million users have downloaded it. “We’ve got the process. We’ve got a million people using it. And we’re listening”, Prophet said. A whole new conception process which is very much open-source software inspired, and that involves consumers as an active part of it from the very beginning. Download today your Beta version of Windows 10 and join the international community of developers.

And remember that this Beta version is for free, and that Microsoft also offers a free upgrade for new or already existing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices if upgrading during the first year. Haven’t you heard about the new features and characteristics of it yet? Then check out this video with some of the novelties included in Windows 10, and stay tuned with us! There is a lot more to come!

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