A story of innovation and fried chicken, KFC’s new Tray Typer

Fast food and smartphones are usually a not a very good combination. Eating your hamburger, döner, pizza or whatever snack you may prefer, while typing on your phone at the same time, is not very much advisable. Or at least it was not until KFC introduced in its restaurants in Germany… the first tray paper keyboard of the world!

No more fat or dirt on the screen of your phone thanks to this Tray Typer, a 4 mm thick Bluetooth keyboard, so light and flexible that can be even folded, replacing the traditional paper cover for the trays. So far, these keyboards were only available in the opening weeks of some new restaurant launches in Germany, but they were so popular that every single one was simply taken home during the promotion. If you are not in Germany, you can still check them in this video. Because innovation also arises in unexpected places, and sometimes it even comes together with some fried chicken.


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