How frustration became our motivation

Just like many of you we’ve experienced the daunting task of buying software online and trying to get it installed on our computers. The lack of information on finding the correct license was just the first hurdle. Followed by a second one: error messages during installation!

Who to call? Most major vendors don’t offer support by phone. We won’t go into details on the amount of time (and money) it has cost us to get the software to work. But we do know that what started out as a journey to solve a problem, became a frustration!

That’s not what IT is about, is it?

Instead of blaming the vendors, we decided to become a vendor ourselves. And make a difference.

This blog is intended to help you make the right choices. Besides helping you to get the most out of the software itself. And should you be so kind to buy a software license through TresBizz, at the fairest price, we will help you to install the software through our remote support. Free of Charge.

To free you from the hassle we’ve experienced.

Because we want you to enjoy our products.

And because we strongly believe IT is about solving problems, not creating new ones.

So enjoy our blogposts.

And feel free to react, post your questions and challenge us to assist you even further.

Team | We Care About IT

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