How to add apps to Office 2013

When working with a text processor, an excel file or a presentation, having multiple edition options will always enrich our documents in different ways. But how would it be possible to integrate those resource consuming features without affecting the responsiveness and the steadiness of the office programs? The answer Microsoft has given to this problem is simple, just by giving users the option to choose which features they want to have in their office tools.

Users have the chance to download a wide range of apps from the Microsoft store, apps which have to do with multiple fields, such as translators, dictionaries, encyclopedias or photo and text editors, just to cite a few. This way, users willing to use only some of those new features will be able to select only those functions interesting for them, many of them completely free of charge. Click here to have a look at our selection of the best free apps you can add to your Office package.

In order to add your favorite apps to any of your Office programs, you just need to download them from the office store and add them to the program selected. These are the simple steps which need to be followed:

Step #1

Click on the Insert tab, and look for the option Apps for Office.

Step #2

The following menu will be displayed, showing the apps already installed together with a list of the most popular apps offered. The whole list of apps available can be found in the Office Store, also accessible through this tab.

Step #3

Once we have selected a certain app, we just need to click on it, and it will be automatically added to the My Apps list. There is a vast number of them available for free, although some of them require registration.

Step #4

Close your Office program and open it again. New apps will be now displayed in the My Apps section. By clicking on them, the apps will appear on the right side of the screen, ready to use.

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