30 years of laptops with Toshiba

It was back in April 1985 when Toshiba launched the T1100, the first mass market laptop launched by the Japanese company. Although it was definitely not the first portable computer ever launched, the T1100 contributed to popularize portable computers, initiating the way for much more commercially oriented machines than its predecessors.

It did not have a hard drive, and ran entirely from floppy disks. The CPU was a 4.77 MHz Intel 80C88 microprocessor, and the display was a monochrome, text-only 640×200 LCD. But undoubtedly its reduced dimensions (30.98 cm x 30.48 cm) were the most impressive of its features, a tremendous work of miniaturization for the time. Offered originally for around 4000 dollars in 1985, it was the first successfully marketed and widely sold battery-powered mobile device. Not only more products and devices, but a whole industry was developed after its birth, and having a look at it in 2015 gives a clear image of the long way this industry has gone through. A cool glimpse into the past for the most nostalgic users.Toshiba_T1100_In_Betrieb (1)

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