10 Tips to really benefit from Word 2013

Microsoft Word is without a doubt the most commonly used text processor in the world. Having reigned for almost 20 years, Word is (next to Excel) the heart of the Microsoft Office package. Most of the basic features and characteristics of MS Word are already known to most of our readers. However, the 2013-version includes a series of new tools and characteristics which makes Word a much more integrative and visually oriented tool. We believe some of those novelties might have gone unnoticed by many users. We present you 10 of the most useful of those novelties, which will help you explore the full potential of the latest version of Microsoft Word.

Tip #1. Full integration with OneDrive

Office 2013 is completely integrated with the cloud. Files can now be saved directly to OneDrive to allow access from anywhere and from any device, including phones and tablets. Now users can simultaneously edit documents. Providing all the traditional Word text tools and the new features. Such as the possibility of blocking specific paragraphs, sentences or chapters, to prevent editing by other users – while the rest of the document can still be edited.

Tip #2. Use your Flickr and Facebook pictures

Word 2013 offers the possibility of connecting your Facebook and Flickr accounts to your text processor: through the Online Pictures option included under the Insert tab. Importing and editing those pictures directly from these platforms is easier than ever before.


Tip #3. Don’t get rid of your old Office version

Office 2007 and 2010 users have the option of maintaining their favourites installed while maintaining at the same time a fully operational copy of the 2013 Word. Those willing to keep on using features from the older versions of, not just Word, but also all the other Office programs, except for Outlook, will be able to do so without any problem.

Tip #4. Embed videos in your Word files

Word 2013 enables the possibility of adding not just pictures to your word documents, but also videos. From different sources and platforms, such as Youtube or Vimeo. Just by clicking the Online Video button, under the Insert tab. In order to add videos to your files, make sure that the Compatibility Mode, which allows the editing of files created with different versions of Office, is off. Since this feature does not work with other kinds of files than those created with the 2013 version.


Tip #5. Audio-enabled mini Translator

A new feature in the 2013 version includes a Translator which allows not only grammar and spelling checks, but also pronunciation assistance. Words and phrases can be read aloud, just by hitting the Play button under the Review tab.

Tip #6. Customize your Dictionaries

A custom button has been added under the File tab for all the dictionaries included in Word. Additional dictionaries can be added just by clicking on the Add button on the Custom dictionaries dialogue box (for dictionaries having a .dic extension). However, single words can also be added to the general dictionary just by typing them, and, after right clicking, selecting the Add to dictionary option.


Tip #7. Edit your PDFs

Word 2013 finally includes this editing option for PDF formated files, although some features might get lost in terms of layout. Users just need to convert PDF files into Word files, simply by selecting them, and they will be automatically opened by Word. It allows saving documents both as PDF as well as DOCX files.

Tip #8. Protect your eyes with the Read Mode

A great tool for quickly distracted readers. This new feature under the View tab includes different colour modes in order to make reading easier for the eyes, in addition to the full-screen view. Zooming, highlighting, or adding comments are some of the features which go along with this Read Mode.

read mode

Tip #9. Edit copies of your documents

Save time by opening copies and not the original files with your documents. Word 2013 allows you to edit only copies of your files, saving them independently from the originals. No need to browse manually to its location to create a copy.

Tip #10. Extended tools for tablets

Use your fingers to expand and move your pictures or embed videos, thanks to the optimized touch-screen mode specially designed for tablets and mobile devices, which even allows inking documents when using a pen. It’s the perfect integration with Windows RT for mobile devices.


If you want to know more about all the novelties included in Word 2013, please check these links:



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