10 apps that will make your Office rock

Office 2013 has introduced an important number of novelties but, without any doubt, one of the most interesting new features is the possibility of integrating different apps in your text processor, Excel sheets or PowerPoint presentations. A series of apps has being designed in order to complement the features of all the programs which are part the Office package, including the classic tools for photo and text editing, referencing, or translating, but also some new interesting features which, for instance, allow users to connect their software to online platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, or Wikipedia.

Thus, Microsoft has found the way to provide Office users a huge range of tools and possibilities, and in a 100% customizable way. Users interested in some of the new features offered have the possibility to add only those they have chosen to their Office, without including any other unnecessary and heavy tools. More than a 1000 apps are available at the Microsoft Store, in order to make Office a much more powerful tool, including dictionaries, translators, math tools, tutorials, visual tools or photo and graph editing features, just to cite a few. But how can we decide which are the apps that better fit our needs from such a wide range of them? Here we present a selection of the 10 most interesting apps you can implement for your office, all of them available for free.


#1. The Wikipedia App

Working with both Word and Excel, the Wikipedia app allows its users to quickly access all the content from the famous encyclopedic site, making it easier to directly cite text and images, having also the chance to look up concepts and words also directly on Wikipedia. That content will be displayed in a side panel designed to make this interaction easier, a very interesting tool for students, and generally for all those having something to do with the academic world and dealing with references and citations.

#2. IMG Effector

Simple and efficient image editing tool which includes more than 15 filters and effects, which will allow users to quickly manipulate their pictures without the need to use much more complex and resource consuming editing tools. Available for free and working with Word.

#3. OmniPage File Converte

Also available for Word, this extremely usefull app allows users to extract text from scanned images. Thanks to this simple tool, you will never have to loose time re-typing documents such as photocopies or book pages, making out of this app a perfect tool within the academic world.

#4. Lucidchart

This app which allows the creation of all sorts of diagrams, charts and mind maps which can be inserted in your documents. Working independently from Word, and through your browser, you can create professional looking and completely customizable graphs and charts which be easily integrated into your Word files.

#5. Bing Image Search

A powerful tool which adds a search panel which makes it possible to look for images on the Web directly from the text processor, filtering them by type, size or color. Users will be able to select and insert images from the Web in their Word documents through this app.

#6. WordCalc

WordCalc adds a scientific calculator to your text processor, a perfect tool for students and the academic world. It includes all the basic features such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, and exponents, and also trigonometric and statistic functions such as logarithms and averages.

calc (2)

#7. Multiple Choice Quiz

The perfect complement for your PowerPoint presentations. It allows the possibility of inserting multiple choice questions which are 100% customizable. Write your questions, choose as many correct answers as possible, limit the number of submissions, and add feedback to every answer thanks to this essential tool for classroom contexts.

#8. LinkedIn for Outlook

An app that integrates the worldwide famous job seekers and recruiters site into your Outlook. See your contact’s profile without using your browser, connect with them and build your network of colleagues and companies directly through your email account.

#9. Excel Trainer

Great tool for those willing to gain deeper knowledge in the use the spreadsheet software par excellence. Become an excel expert thanks to the real-life exercises designed to cover all the data analysis tools of Excel. Training and tips apps are available with different difficulty levels and prices for Excel, Word and Power Point.

#10. Pearson Writer

The best friend for all sorts of writers. A grammar, documentation, writing and research assistant which gives answers to every question related to those fields that may come up during the writing process. Type in your doubt, and Pearson Writer will provide you the answers you need from its comprehensive library of contents including extensive examples, video and audio.



If you want to know more about all the possibilities available to complement your Office software, check out these links, and do not forget you can always look at our installation guides if you have any problem when downloading and installing your app, by clicking here.

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